Take a Seat

The BTR stool

Take a Seat

The BTR Stool

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We’re in Love with the Lightest, Most Packable Camp Stool Ever

- Gear patrol
The BTR stool

Packs to the size of an umbrella
Weighs less than a can of Coke


Easy Setup

- Pull out the telescoping legs
- Spread the legs out
- Sit down

Phantomlock technology locks the legs in place when spread out, no fiddling with mechanisms or clips



Lightweight materials with a telescoping and folding design make the BTR a seat you really can take anywhere



High quality materials like aerospace grade 7001 aluminum alloy give the BTR a 240lb (110kg) load capacity

Colours and Size


Two sizes and with three colours makes it easy to pick the perfect BTR


Classic Black
Alpenglow Orange
Glacier Blue


17" Seat Height / 14" Folded
14" Seat Height / 11.5" Folded


17" - 399g (14.1oz)
14" - 346g (12.2oz)

design Detail

Elastic Strap

A simple elastic hook system keeps the BTR closed when not in use. Designed to be tucked directly in to a backpack or side pocket, no bags to loose or straps to get caught.

Design Detail

Removable Seat

The unique seat tabs can be twisted to remove the mesh seat entirely. This detail makes cleaning easy and future repairs and replacements possible.

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Clean Packaging

Jet black packaging with pops of BTR orange are designed to be shelved, stacked, or rack hung to suit any retail environment. Details and descriptions are in both English and French.

It's pretty rare we come across a new
product we instantly fall in LOVE with.
However, from first sight, the Hillsound
Equipment BTR Stool stole our hearts.
And once we got out on the trails with
them, it was even more so.

Trail and Ultra Running

It's designed for hikers and
adventurers who constantly seek
(but rarely find) the perfect rock or
log to sit on.

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