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Winner of
Outside Magazine's Gear Guide Editor's Choice Award - Summer 2022

Two Styles

To Protect All Your Gear

Four Sizes

To Fit All Your Gear

Add some order to the chaos

- Gear Junkie

Shaped With Intention

Shaped to perfectly fit the inside of your overnight pack with no wasted space - the PackStack and PackStack Pro also feature a curved back to accommodate a hydration reservior


Quality Materials

Both the PackStack and PackStack Pro are built with lightweight, waterproof Cordura brand ripstop


Premium Components

Both the PackStack and PackStack Pro feature high quality YKK zippers - with the PackStack Pro featuring a waterproof YKK zipper


Interior Organization

The PackStack features an integrated interior pocket to store small goods - while the PackStack Pro features a separate zippered pocket


Clean Packaging

The PackStack and PackStack Pro are both designed to fold into their own hangable pockets - keeping the packaging to a simple, eco-friendly paper band


Separate Messes

Not much is worse than having sunscreen, shampoo, or anything else leak inside your backpack - keep it separate and protected within PackStack

Packing Solution

Soft Goods

Anything soft is a perfect match for PackStack and PackStack Pro - clothing, sleeping bags, tents, all gear you want to keep protected and dry

PackStack Pro


Seam Sealed

The Packstack Pro is fully seam sealed - making sure no water gets in, or leaks out



Some gear you want to keep dry, and some gear you really want to keep dry - the PackStack Pro's waterproof design keeps your most important gear safe


Separate Pocket

The PackStack Pro features a separate zippered pocket - which can be used anywhere in your pack and acts as the PackStack Pro's packaging


Waterproof YKK

The PackStack Pro features a top of the line waterproof YKK zipper

Packing Solution

Cooking Gear

Keep all your cooking gear separated and organized - the durable Cordura ripstop will keep rogue sporks from poking your sleeping bag

Both Packstack and Packstack Pro
Feature a
Limited Lifetime Warranty


PackStack - Slate Grey
PackStack Pro - Black


40L+ in both Short and Tall
60L+ in both Short and Tall

Water Resistance

PackStack - Weatherproof
PackStack Pro - Waterproof

Weight / Volume
Packstack Pro
(Including Separate Pocket)
40L+ Short  -  94g / 5.6L
40L+ Short  -  102g / 5.6L
40L+ Tall  -  108g / 9.8L
40L+ Tall  -  118g / 9.8L
60L+ Short  -  104g / 6.4L
60L+ Short  -  112g / 6.4L
60L+ Tall  -  120g / 11.1L
60L+ Tall  -  122g / 11.1L





PackStack Pro


PackStack Pro


Packing Solution

Rock Gear

Keep chalky rock gear separate from the rest of your pack - and protect the gear you trust your life with

Packing Solution

Store Your Food

Food and food smells are easily separated from the rest of your pack - and both the PackStack and PackStack Pro can be used as bear hangs, keeping your food out of reach

It's pretty rare we come across a new
product we instantly fall in LOVE with.
However, from first sight, the Hillsound
Equipment BTR Stool stole our hearts.
And once we got out on the trails with
them, it was even more so.

Trail and Ultra Running

It's designed for hikers and
adventurers who constantly seek
(but rarely find) the perfect rock or
log to sit on.

OR Daily

Mix, Match, and Stack

Once you select your pack size (40L+ or 60L+) mix and match between Short / Tall / PackStack / and PackStack Pro for your perfect kit

Short Variant

4" Tall - Averages 5 per overnight pack

Tall Variant

7" Tall - Averages 3 per overnight pack



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